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I have not really done a blog post about my Away This Way, even though is is taken a lot of my time and focus. Since I graduated from my Master from Copenhagen Business School in summer 2016 I started a new chapter and project which was Away This Way.
I always knew deep inside me that I wanted to create my own brand at some stage in life. And after I graduated I felt the time was right. Then I started with brainstorming on ideas on what my brand should be and after months of working on this, I could not see anything else than a “travel brand” would be ideal for me.
I have been living abroad since I finished high school and I have just turned 18 years. I have been living in Paris, Tel Aviv, London, New York, Barcelona as well as having months abroad in Seoul, Milan, Athens, and other places. The world is my playground and traveling is a huge part of me. I love getting the inspirational kick of traveling. My perspective of life gets broadened and I always feel lifted and excited when I am traveling and when I get back from adventures.

During my travels I explore what they different destinations have to offer and what is missing.
Through my 9 years of travelign and living in different parts of the world I have an insight knowledge of what makes traveling more convenient and smart.
That knowledge was put into my business plan and then I created a strategy of how I can share this with more people.

Away This Way is a culmination of my experiences, my education through a Masters in communications and IT from Copenhagen Business School, involvement in the fashion industry and my passion for traveling. On my adventures I felt I was missing a few travel necessities to make my journey more comfortable and beneficial to my skin. I have created a line of products for my fellow travelers with the intention of making them feel sexy and comfortable while away.
Travel meets art meets fashion.

We create travel products and guides for your journey to make it more sexy and convenient. We are essentials to your travels that can be used on and off-board.

I started investigating the sunscreen market because I always have a really hard time finding good sunscreens that does not ruin my skin. After two years of testing sunscreens I came up with our first 4 sunscreens; body, face, lips, and eyes. They are made of 97-99,99% natural ingredients and they remaining are active ingredients that are beneficial for the skin to give extra moist, glow, and have anti-aging effect.

Furthermore we created flight socks which are something that I always use for traveling. But the ones that I have used during the past years have not been sexy or cool looking. They were very plain which was why we came up with the idea of creating some cool flight socks so you feel smart while traveling. The flight socks are compression socks that helps the blood circulation and sore muscles. When you start flying with them you cannot fly with afterwards.

In addition to this we have created pocket mirrors, notebooks, and PBA-free plastic bags that are other items that I enjoy when traveling.
The pocket mirror are really handy for when traveling or just going to the gym or beach. You can see if you got some chocolate in your teeth or if the sunscreen is spread out in your face etc.
The notebooks is the old school way of writing down thoughts, memories, or travel tips. I use my computer and mobile to write down notes but I still like to write down in hand some of my thoughts.
Our PBA-free plastic bags are made of sustainable plastic and has a zip. They are perfect for traveling and I bring it on to the plane.

See below our products and we have more to come…..


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xx and Safe Travels

Julie Pallesen

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