Skincare routine

I get a lot of questions about what I am using for my skin in order to keep it so fresh and clean.
Firstly I have to say that I have since the age of 12 years old taken good care of my skin. And I can count on 1 hand the times I have slept without taken my make-up off and cleaned my skin.
I am really a nerd when it comes to skincare and I use A LOT! So get prepared for what is about to come 🙂

Now I am 27 years old and a lot of people (especially when I go to castings for modeling) thinks I am 18 years old. I believe my skincare routine has a lot to do with that.
Taking good care of your skin is expensive but also an investment in life. Invest in your look in a natural way will on the long run be worth it…

Below are my products I am using these months which I love. Some of the products have I used for years and others are more new.

Neostrata – Night Serum: Is incredible moist and hydrating. It has a silky texture that absorbs smoothly into your skin. Use only at night before applying your night creme.

Living Proof makes incredible hair products and one of my favourites are this one, Dry Shampoo. It is easy to use, comes in a travel size and are perfect for lifting your hair, giving some volume, and/or hiding the fact that you should have washed your hair. 

Organic Hair Spa – Volume and Structure: Is an organic haircare brand making amazing products. You would not even notice that the products are organic as they have the same efficiency as non-organic brands. This products gives your hair volume and hold. So if you want to keep your hair as how you left it before you went out, this product is key!

Tromborg – facial mist: Is a must for me! I use this spray before going out at night to give my face and make-up that extra hold. Also I spray my pillow with this scent for calming effect. 

Raaw by Trice: Eye Love – has been with me for many years! I am obsessed with this eye oil as it gives moist and decreases my puffiness. It is also with me at all times when travling. On the flights I use this and my face loves it. 

Rodial Skincare – Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Water : Is a wonderful tonic water that rinses the dirt off your skin while boosting it with vitamin B3 and Hyaluronic acid. 

Natura Bisse Diamond Cocoon, Essential Shock Serum and Glyco Extreme Peel: I am obsessed with the Spanish skincare brand, Natura Bisse and their products. These 3 are some of my favourites and their benefits are very different.
The Diamond Cocoon is a new launched serum that you are meant to be using together with your serum during day. It protects your skin from pollution and dirt from the environment. I use it together with the Essential Shock Serum.
The Glyco Extreme Peel is a peeling mask that I use 1-2 a week which really takes of the surface dirt of your skin and leaves it smooth and beautiful. 

Oxygenetix makes this incredible day creme with tint and it has SPF30. I use it together with my day creme as it is a bit thick and covering. If you want a lot of coverage you can use it alone but if you want a more smooth texture and light coverage you can apply it together with your day creme. Since I tried this in June I have used it everyday. 

Anne Semonin is a French skincare are brand and I love this mask. This mask is a light exfoliating mask which I use once a week or/and after flights. It rinses of the worst dirt that the environment leaves us on the skin.  

Klairs Vitamin E Mask: Is a hydrating and smooth mask that is great on Sundays as your skin and body is dehydrated after a weekend out. This mask boosts your skin from the outside.

Bioeffect is an incredible scientific brand that makes absolute amazing products. I have through the years used a lot of their products and at the moment I am using their serums 1 and 2 for day and night. They are really smooth and I can see how my skin gets glowy after applying them. 

Gun-Britt Salon which is where I go to get my hair done. They make their own hair products too and this one is my daily must. I have quite thin hair so if I use heavy oils my hair just looks even more damaged. This serum is soft and easy and very light. 

Miild make-up is a clean and environmental friendly make-up brand that makes beautiful make-up products. Especially their bronzer and blushes are amazing. I use them everyday – day and night.

Anne Semonin makes this serum, glow. It has a little bit of tint which gives your skin a little glow. I use this at night before going out. 

Tromborg makes besides their amazing skincare products also make-up. Their “Vintage” blush and their creamy “Mistybrown” and “Tan” blushes are my favourites. I have used these blushes for more than 4 years now. I love love love them!

Anne Semonin has these express ice-cube treatment for the eyes. I keep them in the fridge and I use them after a long weekend or a long flight. It helps on puffy eyes, dark circles, and boosts with moist. These ar emu newest discovery and I am already obsessed. 

Fillerina is a skincare brand that I have recently discovered their night creme and eye cream. The texture of their products are quite rich and thick and I like that for night time use. 

Olaplex is my must go to hair mask. I use it once a week and I have used it for 3 years now and I will never stop. It helps on damaged hair and keeps my hair smooth and with an even texture. I get it at by hair salon in Copenhagen, Gun-Britt. 

Aveda makes this amazing body scrub. I use it in the shower and after using it by skin is softer than ever. 

I use a clean and organic shampoo from Biolage which I really like. And my conditioner is Fondant Densite from Kerastase. I am obsessed with the scent of it!


I hope you got some skincare inspiration!


Julie Pallesen 


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