Beauty Bear Vitamins

Beauty Bear Vitamins are some of my favourite vitamins. I have taken them for more than 6 months now and I love them. They are delicious and give amazing results at the same time.

Beauty Bear Hair: Take these vitamins if you have thin hair like me and what stronger and more shiny hair. They contain acerola and biotin which are effective ingredients for stronger hair.


Beauty Bear Nails: If your nails have a tendency to never being able to get long because they crack on their journey these gummy bears are perfect for you. They contain Zink, Vitamin B6 and B12 among other beneficial ingredients which gives stronger nails.


Beauty Bear Skin: If you want a more smooth and glow skin these vitamins are good for you. Especially during the winter months we can all use some extra glow. Among other ingredients they also contain Vitamin A which is so so good for your skin. I am obsessed with this one.

Beauty Bear are a perfect present for christmas or host present as they are suitable for all ages.



Julie Pallesen

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