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Exciting news! I have collaborated with the vitamin supplement brand, Seven Seas. Last year I worked on a collaboration where the focus was on fish oil and this year the focus is on the skin!

I care a lot about my skin and find it very important to invest time and money on skincare products, treatments, and supplements.

Did you know? Skin is the largest organ in the body by surface area and it has the main functions of: regulating body temperature, preventing excessive moisture loss and providing protection against chemicals and micro-organisms.

I enjoy taking supplements for the purpose of supporting my skin from the inside. I believe that it is important to constantly focus on supporting our health as much as we can. And if taking supplements help, then I am happy to do it 🙂


I suffered from acne when I was younger – from the age of 13-20. Everyday throughout this seven year period I felt ashamed when I was not wearing a full face of make-up. I wanted to hide my bad skin as much as I could. After I turned 20 years old, I changed my food habits completely. This helped my skin dramatically and since the age of 21, I have had very good skin. But, because I had acne in my younger days, I am always afraid of going back to that stage. So even now, as a 27 year old, I do everything I can to maintain my good skin.

Therefore, I thought this project with Seven Seas would be very exciting for me!

Seven Seas has been developing formulas with the aim of supporting good health and nutrition:

Seven Seas has just launched their new product, Perfect7®Renewal Advanced. Their newest addition to the Seven Seas supplements line, Perfect7®Renewal Advanced is developed by nutritional experts and the supplement is a combination of Ceramosides™and other nutrients. New Perfect7®Renewal Advanced is also a UK first of its kind beauty supplement to contain Ceramosides™.

In the Perfect7®Renewal Advanced 30 day package you get 3 different supplements; 1 Ceramoside™capsule, 1 Omega-3 capsule, and 1 multivitamin and mineral tablet.

I usually take my supplements together with a meal. I got used to carrying the supplements with me in my bag, that way I could easily take them.


Why are Ceramides (Seven Seas use the trade marked version Ceramosides™)so important for the skin?

Ceramides are naturally found in the skin and comprise 50% of the skins moisture barrier, but as we age levels drop, skin moisture is lost, and the visible signs of ageing can appear. Taking the Seven Seas Perfect7 Renewal Ceramosides™ capsule can help keep your skin looking moisturised and your appearance more radiant. Which we can agree, everybody wants!


The collaboration with Seven Seas Perfect7 Renewal: 

I had a meeting with Seven Seas a few months back where they explained their new product which I was very curious to try and see what effect it might have on me.

They did a skin analysis on the appearance of my skin so they could investigate the appearance of my skin’s elasticity, wrinkles, and roughness. Then after 60-days of taking Seven Seas Perfect7® Renewal Advanced they did the skin analysis again so we could tell if the supplements are acutally making a difference.

The skin analysis used a state of the art machine that was put on my skin. The machine was connected to a computer where numbers and graphic curves were shown on the screen.

In my next blog post about Seven Seas, which I will post, I will reveal what my results have been after taking Seven Seas Perfect7® Renewal Advanced.

I cannot wait to show you my results in my next blog post!

The Perfect7® Renewal Advanced is available in Boots stores nationwide or onlineand they are currently on a 3 for 2 offer!

Each pack costs £39.99 and contains a 30 day supply of Ceramoside™ capsules, a 30 day supply of the comprehensive multivitamin and mineral tablets to support overall health and well-being, and a 30 day supply of the Seven Seas® Omega-3 capsules with DHA to provide additional health benefits.

There is also a Perfect7 Renewal product for £34.99 that contains a 30 day supply of Ceramoside™ capsules and a 30 day supply of the Seven Seas® Omega-3 capsules with DHA to provide additional health benefits.


Wrinkle reduction: Skin Photography before and after 60 days. Each pack contains a 30-day supply

DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal vision, DHA contributes to normal brain function.

Food supplements do not substitute a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.


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