How to get a flat stomach

A lot of my friends are asking me about suggestions of how to get a flat stomach or loose a little bit of weight.
I believe in a healthy balanced diet and I eat everything I want but I try to keep it balanced.
When I eat a burger then I will not have pizza the day after but then I will eat more veggies and make sure I hit the gym.

  • Quit carbs for 3 days before your shoot or a big event or just because you want to see how your body can look like.
  • Quit sugar one week before your shoot so your skin and body is clean and beautiful – eat a date or figs if your want something sweet. 
  • juice feast the day before the shoot and drink a lot of water to flush out all the dirt inside your body 
  • Get good sleep – so you get good skin and your body gets to relax and you won’t overeat because of lack of energy
  • Eat lean on the morning of your shoot ( omelet is the best) 
  • Don’t drink too much water on the morning of your shoot as you will feel bloated 
  • Drink and extra coffee on the morning of your shoot so it takes some of your appetite 

And remember to celebrate with a delicious meal after your photo shoot and be proud of yourself! 

xx and Safe Travels
Julie Pallesen

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