10 must-try-to-eat in Brazil

I have just been for my first time to South America. I traveled to Brazil and I absolutely fell in love with the place. The energy is so much alive and happy and the sun is always shining. That is truly a place that I could live in.

And the food they eat is very tasty and different from the European kitchen.

I have made a list of my 10 favourite things you must try if you get the chance to visit Brazil:

  • Tapioca crepes: Wow wow wow. In Brazil they make a lot of dishes with tapioca. Tapioca is starch extracted from cassava plant so it is basically a vegetable. They make crepe out of tapioca flour and you can get them either savoury or sweet. I prefer them savoury with chicken, tomatoes, cheese, and pesto. So yummy!
  • Bala de maça: A fruity candy that is like a chewy caramel. It is so fresh and tasty and a great substitute for candy.
  • Pão de queijo: Brazilian cheese bread that is made out of tapioca flavour, eggs and cheese. 
  • Açaí:  You might already be familiar with açai and açai bowls as they are very popular in Europe but the native land of açai is Brazil. The quality of açai is the best in Brazil and they make a lot of food with açai, not just açai bowls. I tried açai guacamole, açai caipirinha, and more.
  • Brigadeiro: – a delicious dessert that comes in different flavour. The classic flavour is cacao flavour and its so so so delicious. 
  • Guarana: – is a sparkling drink you get in a can. It’s available all over Brazil; in supermarkets, restaurants, the beach guys etc. 
  • Caiparinha – a mix of cacacha, lime and sugar 
  • Coxinha: Delicous brazilian croquettes made of tapioca flour and inside there is either shredded chicken, cheese, or other variations.
  • Banananinha: Banana and banana flour together in a mash is the best dessert you can serve me. I bought 20 packages of these to bring home.
  • Tapioca fries: Brazilians also make tapioca fries with herbs inside and they are beyond delicious!
Acai Bowl
Snacks from Brazil

xx and Safe Travels Everyone
Julie Pallesen

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