The Results of Seven Seas Perfect7 Renewal

The results!

I recently collaborated with Seven Seas who make various supplements.

For 60 days I have taken the new Seven Seas Perfect7®Renewal which is a combination of 3 supplements; Ceramosides™ capsule, Omega-3 capsule and multivitamin and mineral tablet. I was due to take one of each of these capsules for 60 days. After the 60 days Seven Seas checked on me to see what differences I have seen with my skin.


The incredible thing about this this product is that the Ceramosides™ which are a natural source of ceramides)are not found in any other supplement in the UK where you can take them orally. Ceramosidesare the key ingredient for helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles and keeping your skin looking moisturised, soft and radiant.

Ceramides comprise 50% of the skins moisture barrier but as we get older ceramide levels drop, contributing to. Resulting in skin that looks more dry, rough and wrinkled.

The 60 day trial: 

I have to say that for me, it is quite easy to take supplements. I have them in my kitchen and I remember to take them first thing in the morning. If I am travelling then I have them in my beauty bag, and will still remember to take them in the morning.

I am 27 years old and I take good care of my skin in terms of cleaning and moisturising every day – I also use SPF every day. However, I travel a lot (like 290 days of year) and I’m constantly a victim of pollution and dry air in flights. But my struggle with my skin is congestion on my cheeks and occasionally spots. I believe this has a lot do to with my flights and constant change of country and environment.

After my 2 months of taking the supplements I could see that my skin looked much softer and more moisturised, amazing!


After 60 days trial of Seven Seas Perfect7®Renewal I was really excited to find out my skin results. A skin analysis of my skin was conducted which then showed graphs of my results. We did this before I started the trial and now after so we can see the changes.

My results came out and showed that the appearance of the “roughness” of my skin has decreased by 56.25% and the appearance of my “wrinkles” has decreased by 28.12%.
This means that my skin looks much smoother as well as looking less wrinkled by simply taking supplements for 2 months. That is pretty amazing!!

One of London’s leading beauty experts and facialist, Abigail James who I met at the Seven Seas follow-up session revealed some of her best beauty tips which I would like to share with you.

Abigail recommends drinking a lot of water to keep your body and skin hydrated. Also to find the right skincare products for your skin. Not all skin is the same and we need to find the right products for our skin type. Getting a monthly facial is also very important if you want to boost your skin for the outside and treat it well.

I highly recommend you try 60 days of Seven Seas Perfect7®Renewal. There is no harm! Your skin will only thank you after.


After my 60 days trial I have continued to take the supplements as I want my skin to keep looking as soft as possible:)

This post is in collaboration with Seven Seas, as always words and opinions are my own.


Wrinkle reduction: Skin Photography before and after 60 days. Each pack contains a 30-day supply. Results from a study on 40 female volunteers’ own perception after 60 days

Food supplements do not substitute a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

xx and safe travels 
Julie Pallesen

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