Is meditation apart of your daily routine?

I have tried for many years to include 10 min. of meditation in my daily life but I have struggled to make it last for more than two days. 

The sad thing is, that when I am really feeling low, sad, and confused then I manage to take the time to meditate. And it always feel so amazing afterwards. The reward of clearness, stillness, and peace is just indescribable. 

For years I wondered why I could only manage to meditate when I really feel low instead of incorporating it in my daily life, and practicing it on the days where I am feeling strong. 

I decided to give myself a challenge where I have to meditate once a day – it does not matter what time during the day it is. But the most important is to commit and do it once a day. 

I downloaded the app, Breethe. Breethe is a meditation app which has all different kinds of mediations; “wake up meditation”, “breathing meditations” , “fall a sleep meditations” and many others. 

I paid for a 1 year subscription, which is another way of committing. I know myself, if I have paid then I will for sure use it more 🙂

I have now meditated everyday for 1 month and I really see the difference. I feel like I am more in tune with my body. I sleep better which is a big change for me. I usually have a hard time falling asleep. 

Taken between 10-30 min. everyday for yourself is important. Take 30 min. that you would usually spend on Instagram or other social media to connect with yourself and get closer to find peace within yourself is essential and beneficial for us in so many way. You have no excuse so just start. 

Are you with me?

And you can meditate everywhere. At home, on the airplane, in bed, at work… wherever you are right now..

Julie Pallesen

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