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Have you ever tried organic skincare products? Years ago my answer to this question would be a big fat “NO thanks”. I thought that organic skincare could not give your skin any benefits besides water.
But after years of trying a lot of organic skincare products I got completely obsessed. There are so many amazing organic skincare brands out there and Awesome Paris skincare boutique in Paris with the website, carries a lot of them.

I am currently using 4 different organic skincare products from different brands and they are all amazing!

Above is the UK brand, Guy Morgan with their multi balm creme “Flower of the 5 Wounds Sensitive Facial Balm”.
This creme is extremely soft and leave your skin baby soft. I use it at night time and also on my lips all the time.

Tridoshic Rosa Aloe Serum is filled with natural ingredients that gives you skin moist and glow.

DAFNA’S Revival Bio Active Beauty Mask is a creamy mask you leave on your face for 15 min. and then massage with water and rinse off.
I use this mask once a week and I see a huge difference in my skin. It hydrates the skin and leaves is so so soft.

DAFNA’S Eye Care is a creme to be used morning and evening around the eye area. It has a soft texture and leave the eye area smooth and not greasy.

Check out MyGreenBrands for more organic skincare inspiration <3

Remember to take good care of your skin

Julie Pallesen

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