Collagem beauty booster

It is not new that collagen is vital for your skin to stay young?! But the question is how to get it inside your body as an inside-out sushi make roll?
Collagem has created an easy way for you to get your collagen together with more beauty boosters that will make your skin shine and stay glowy.

Collagem is powder that you can add to your water or juice. If you apply it to a juice then it has no taste and if you add it to a glass of water is has a sour taste but not strong at all.

The Collagen beauty powder is filled with Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, Beta Carotene, Collagen hydrolysate from fish, Selenium and more.
Vitamin C boosts the immune system.
Vitamin B complex is a mix of several Vitamin B’s which helps improving the appearance of the skin.
Beta Carotene decreases the damages of the sun while improving the color of the skin.
Selenium is an antioxidant that helps decreasing stress.

All of these ingredients are in the Collagem powder which you are suppose to take for minimum 14 days to see a difference. One pack has 14 daily packs of powder and fits perfectly your handbag if you prefer taking it out.

Stay healthy and take care of yourself.

Julie Pallesen

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