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One of my favorite cities in the world is Tel Aviv. I am by origin half Israeli and have been coming to Israel my whole life. So to me, this city is very special. I speak hebrew fluently, I have family here, and I come here every year. I have a connection to this place like nowhere else. 
I have just been 3 weeks in Israel for work both modelling and work with my travel brand, Away This Way. Moreover Forbes invited me to attend their young entrepreneur summit with is a yearly event for Forbes 30 Under 30. Here was 300 entrepreneurs from all over the world invited to this summit and I was so deeply honored to be a part of this. 
During my time in Israel I discovered so many fantastic places which I would love to share with you. The food in Israel is the best! All their ingredients are local and tastes so delicious. They grow everything locally and even my own family has a farm where they grow pomegranate and more. The food scene in Tel Aviv is so incredible and here are some of my favorite spots: 

Port Sa’id

Port Sa’id: A hot spot of Tel Aviv and must try. You cannot book a table so you better wait in line. I love all their appetizers together with some local wine. 

Shila: A high-end brasserie restaurant with delicious food. Mainly fish on the menu. 

Hotel Montefiore

Hotel Montefiore:A chic hotel on Montefiore Street – go here for both lunch and dinner or/and enjoy their bar. Get a negroni or local wine. The menu has a variety of sublime choices but their nems and crispy chicken are top!

The Norman Tel Aviv

The Normann Hotel: A stunning hotel with a cool bar, brasserie, and “Dinings” japanese restaurant with a terrace. I love this place. All there 3 areas a vibrant all depending on your vibe. 

ABie: The food is incredible. All their dishes are so tasty but try their wood grilled fish!

Herzl 16:A cool restaurant and bar. Go here for late dinner and/or drinks.
Social Club:A vibrant restaurant and bar on Rotschild Boulevard. 

Abraxas: Cool dinner and drinks spot. The place is divided in two; one more restaurant and the other area which is a bar. The place has a nice atmosphere – go here before nightclubs or bed. 

Gigi: A newly opened restaurant / bar where you snack ceviche, salads, and pizza together with a “Gigi Margarita” or whatever you feel like. The place is more posh than chilled like many of the other places in Tel Aviv. You get an uptown New Yorker feeling or London poshness with the modern decor. Gigi has a dj playing in the middle of the restaurant to set the tunes for you.
David ve Yossef:Israeli food with a twist – all their appetizers amazing. The restaurant is more quiet upstairs but do not mistake if you dare to go downstairs the party and cigarette smoking is on. 

xx from Tel Aviv
Julie Pallesen

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