Visiting Almyra Hotel in Cyprus


I went to Cyprus for the first time ever and it is for sure not the last time.

If you want a sunny getaway in Europe and want to be sure about sunny weather, then Cyprus is a perfect choice. The weather is said to be warm from April-October. I always love to travel when it’s not high season, so I would recommend visiting Cyprus from April-June or from September-October. 

I went for a weekend in May and stayed at the wonderful Almyra Hotel in Paphos. 
Cyprus is an easy destination to get to, as they have direct flights from all over Europe and they have three airports. 

I flew to Lanarca airport and rented a car at the airport. I love to have the freedom to drive myself, when I am exploring new destinations. Also, the prices to rent a car is fairly cheap in Cyprus. 

The drive from Lanarca airport to Paphos was 90 min. and the drive is stunning. On the way I saw beautiful nature with a lot of green plants and pink flowers. Turning on the local radio was a blast in my open car and made me feel like I was in an American movie. 

Almyra Hotel: 
Almyra Hotel is a 5-star hotel and is the first design hotel in Cyprus. The hotel opened in 2004 and facilitates 187 rooms. 

The hotel has three different pool areas, gym, spa, three restaurants and beach access, so you don’t need to leave the hotel as there is a lot to keep yourself occupied with. 

The restaurants are: Mosaics, Notios, and Ouzeri. 

Mosaics is a restaurant with international cuisine serving, breakfast buffet, lunch and dinner. 
Notios is an Asian restaurant serving delicious fish and sushi. The restaurant is located on the terrace so you can enjoy the beautiful sunset and sea view. 
Ouzeri is my favorite! Their cuisine is local Cyprus inspired food. I had lunch here while a live band was playing and I was enjoying a grilled sea bass and the Greek local dish, Mousaka. 

The gym is well equipped so you can use the treadmill machine and weights and do an effective workout. The hotel offers yoga and Pilates classes if you are into that. 

There are tennis courts, which are free to use if you stay at the hotel. 

And if you are a fan of spa treatments (like me), you have to try a massage in the spa. I had an absolute incredible deep tissue massage. Wow. 

The hotel is perfect for a getaway with family, friends, or your loved one. Go for min. three nights-one week. Depends on how restless you get. 

Paphos has a little town you can explore, but the hotel is worth staying in at. 

Thank you for this visit, Cyprus. I cannot wait to be back again. 

Notios Restaurant
Local white wine in Cyprus
Outfit from Raiine and espadrilles from Tommy Hilfiger

XX and Safe Travels
Julie Pallesen

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