Beauty Bear Vitamins Essentials

I have been taking Beauty Bear vitamin gummies for a very long time now. I really love them and can see great results.
Beauty Bear is a Danish company doing tasty vitamins focusing on hair, skin, nails, and tan. The have ingredients as biotin, vitamin C, vitamin A, Zinc, Acerola, and other nutritious ingredients.
The Beauty Bear vitamins for tan helps increase the tan which is good to use before and while getting exposed to the sun.
The Beauty Bear vitamins for hair helps increase the strength of the hair. I have very thin hair and I can definitely see a positive change in the thickness of my hair after taking the supplements.
The Beaty Bear for Nails helps strengthen your nails from the inside. I have weak nails as I used to have a lot of gel nails when I was younger and it somehow did not change since I stopped the gel. I think the nail one is my favorite of all of them.
The Beauty Bear for Skin gives your skin a boost of glow from the inside.

xx and safe travels and remember to take care of yourself
Julie Pallesen

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