Beauty Musthaves from Raaw by Trice

I am in love with this organic skincare brand, Raw by Trice. Their products are clean, effective, and have the best scents. I use their “Blackend Santal perfume” and I get stopped on the streets all the time where people ask me what scent I am using. I believe that must be a good sign.
I have used their day and eye creme which has plankton inside and my skin really like it.
The newest addition to Raw by Trice is their “Ocean Dew” face mist which is super hydrating for the skin. I use it during the day to give my face so moist. Especially during hot summer days its vital to keep the skin extra hydrated.
Another new product by Raw by Trice is a “Hyaluronic Ocean Serum” which I have used the past weeks and it gives me great moist and glow to my face. I use it both day and night just before applying my creme.

Thank you Raw by Trice for making exceptional skincare products.

xx and Safe Travels
Julie Pallesen

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