Mykonos 2019

I am in love with Mykonos. This island has an amazing vibe, tasty food, vibrant restaurants, nightlife, and incredible beaches.
I have been many times to Mykonos and especially this year. I think I have been here 7 times and I want to make it one more time this year.
I would love to share some of my favorite places on this island that I hope you will visit on your next visit to Mykonos.

Is my favorite beach and the restaurant is incredible. Go here during the day and spend time at the beach and have a tasty lunch. Their razor clams and kebab is insane.

This hot spot has a cool and rustic design which has a “wow” effect. Go here for their Sunday parties if you want to dance or go on the other days if you want to chill. Their restaurant is beyond good!

Is located in Panormas beach as is probably the most beautiful beach on the island. Enjoy the day at their beach with some cocktails or/and wine in one hand.
Their food is delicious too. I usually order their salt baked sea bass.
In the entrance they have some cool shops where you can find the last accessories you did not thought you needed until you see them.

Rehab Mykonos:
Is a new and cute health cafe. Go here for your juice, charcoaled activated latte, açaí bowl, and other healthy dished.

Hippie Fish:
I love this cute beach restaurant where you can dip your feet in the sea and go for lunch or dinner afterwards. It is also a perfect spot for sunset drinks.

Sea Satin:
A vibrant restaurant which will make your night unforgettable. Go here a big group of friends and you will end up standing in the table dancing while you are eating your main course.

My favorite restaurant in town. It is located in hidden side street and served delicious food and drinks. And you must try their chocolate souffle dessert – you will thank me afterwards.

Is a super cute restaurant overlooking the water. They serve delicious fresh fish and have their own sea urchin collection.

Below are some pictures from Mykonos which I hope will get you in the mood for your next trip there.


Hippie Fish

xx and Safe Travels
Julie Pallesen

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