If you want a get-away from the hectic city life and be remote for some days Sinai is the place to go. It is the most beautiful sea I have ever seen and with the view of Jordan in the background just makes it magical and unique.

Be prepared to see the most beautiful sunset and sunrise of your life. I was shocked and in love at the same time.

Sinai is in Egypt and on the border to Israel. It is on the coast to the Read Sea with Jordan on the other side of the sea.

How to get there: So you can either fly to Eilat from Tel Aviv which is a 30 min. flight. From there you drive 30 min. to the Egyptian border and when entering the Egyptian border you take a taxi to your lodge which can vary from 20 min- 2 hours all depending on where you stay.
You can also fly to Sharm el-Sheik and drive from there which is about 3 hours drive.

Accommodation: There is a lot of camps along the coast line in Sinai. Some camps are just 30 min. from the border to Israel and some are up to 2 hours away. It all depends on where you want to be but the vibe is the same. The vibe is very relaxed and chilled. But if you want AC (which I highly recommend that you have) then remember to ask the camps you look at if they have AC.
I stayed at Dana Beach which is a nice camp where they have both tent and rooms (which they called suites). I would not call it suites because then your expectations gets too high. But their “suites” are is a room which has its own toilet and bathroom and AC. You are located on the beach and can walk along the coast to explore.

Sinai is warm and gets up to 40 degrees in the summer months but you have a breeze which makes it bearable. But it is very hot. I went there in beginning of August and it was extremely hot. It takes a lot of your energy to stay in this kind of heat but then I just relaxed in the shade, went in and out of the beautiful sea, read books, and ate tasty food.

They do not serve alcohol anywhere (or very few places) so a good tip is to bring your own wine or the alcohol of your preference. Also bring your own towels, pillows, and bed sheets if you are a bit delicate.
I also brought my own snacks as I like to nibble a lot during the day. I brought dried fruit, biscuits, fruits, and juices.

At Dana Beach Camp and a lot of the other camps they serve you breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The breakfast I had was the choice between omelet or “shakshuka” which is a delicious tomato and eggs dish. The you have salad and bread on the side too. And you get served tea and coffee too. Also fresh juices and smoothies was available at Dana Beach.
In the morning you get asked if you want fish or meat for dinner. Then whatever you choose they get it fresh on the same day and serve it with rice and vegetable salad. Super simple and yummy.

Sinai is very affordable as you can stay in a “suite” with breakfast and dinner for less than 40USD per night.

I stayed for 2 nights and was ready to get back to my normal city life after this. I get easily restless so for me that is enough but if you like to chill and disconnect then this is absolutely a place you could stay at longer.

Good to know: The wifi is not working (or very badly) at a lot of the camps. Also if you use your data it might still not work. I was lucky that maybe 3 min. twice a day the wifi was working. So just bear in mind that you cannot be waiting an important business call or work from there.
It is probably a good thing because the fact that you can really relax means disconnecting. So you better just lean into it and disconnect your mind. So do not stress about the fact that it does not work.

I can highly recommend Sinai for families, couples, and friends. It is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy each others company. You will see the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets in your life.

xx and Safe Travels
Julie Pallesen

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