This Way Event in Copenhagen

I did my first event of my travel brand, This Way in Copenhagen in June. I have not had time to write about it until now as I have been non-stop on the go. My life has been between airports, jobs, meetings, and spending time with friends.

This does not mean that I was and still am over the moon of how well this event went. The event took place at Nomad Workspace in Copenhagen where friends, influencers, and press came by to see my collection of travel products.
It was a perfect afternoon with wine, snacks, and cool surroundings showcasing my products the the first time.

Below are some pictures from the event.
There will be many more events coming up around the world so stay tuned on our instagram @awaythisway
And shop our travel products and get them shipped to your doorstep worldwide or email us: to get information about your closest retailer of This Way.

Thank you for this amazing day.
Big love
Julie Pallesen

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