It is all about the small things in life

I focus more the small things in life than the big milestones. If we appreciate the smaller things in life that do good to us we will find instant and more often happiness. On day to day basis my coffee in the morning, spending time with a dear friend, finishing a successful meeting, etc, are all situations that I feel deep happiness for. I know it sounds a bit silly but I think in today’s world where we measure and compare ourselves constantly we forget about the small things that actually REALLY matters and makes a difference to our real life situation.

For the past years I have read a lot of books about gratefulness, deeper meaning in life etc. but I have also been brought up by parents who taught me to be grateful for having food on the table, being able to do a yearly family holiday, being born as a healthy child, and much more. 

Then with years I forgot a bit about these values but the past years where I feel I have come to a stage where I am more responsible and living a “grown up life” (whatever that means) I have taken the appreciation aspect into life on a whole new level. 

I feel it every day, several times. I even pray every Friday after lighting my Shabbat candles. And every time I finish a yoga practice I pray. When I pray I am always saying how thankful and grateful I am followed by a wish or two. 

Let me know how you think about this blog post. It became more personal than my usual post. I don’t know why but when I started writing it all just came out…. 

But I am not sorry, I am thankful for you reading this and I would love to hear what you appreciate in life. 

Julie Pallesen

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