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In Bali and everywhere I go I bring my Beauty Bear Vitamins with me. Even in Bali where the sun is shining and I get a lot of vitamins through the food I eat. I really love my beauty bear as they keep my hair and nails strong and boost my skin with some glow.

Beauty bear has 4 different variations of vitamins; hair, nails, skin, and tan.

I take all of them but not at the same time as I feel it can be a lot of the body and also to focus on the results I think it better to stick to two at the time and then change to other variations.

At the moment I take the Hair and Skin supplements, I have been taking them for months now and I see the difference after 1 month of taking them and now I don’t want to stop. The keep my hair strong which is/was a big issue for me as I have thin hair and I loose it quite a lot too. But since I have taken the hair supplements I see a difference of decrease of hair loss and stronger and more healthy hair.

The skin supplements are filled with nutrition for your skin to keep it glowy and to boost the elasticity which is the key thing for the skin to stay young (and who doesn’t want that).

Get your vitamins from Beauty Bear

Xx and Safe Travels

Julie Pallesen

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