Visiting Six Senses Uluwatu, Bali

I had the pleasure of staying at Six Senses Uluwatu which is one of the newest additions to the luxury Six Senses hotel chain. 

Six Senses Uluwatu opened one and a half year ago and facilitates 103 villas and suites. 

The hotel does not have access to the beach but you have the stunning view over the Indian Ocean. 

Also all the rooms and villas are facing the ocean so all guests has beautiful and peaceful view. 

The resort is pretty big so the hotel provides golf cars that the staff drives you around in which is quite fun. 

About the hotel: 

The hotel is located approximately 40 min. From Denpesar airport but depending on traffic it can be more or less. 

This Six Senses hotel is located on a cliff in Uluwatu and when entering the hotel you feel very blissful. There is a complete calmness and zen feeling about the hotel which is indescribable. With the view of the ocean is just that extra wild but calm feeling which you can never get tired of. 

I was staying in a 1-bedroom villa with own outdoor pool and outdoor shower. The villa was decorated with modern Bali inspired furnitures. 

All interior and products utilised on the resort is are local. Everything comes from Bali. The whole resort is sustainable and they go out of their way to be as sustainable as possible. There is no plastic in the rooms. Even water bottles are in glass bottles and shampoos and conditioners in the shower are in large refillable ceramic containers.

All ingredients used in the kitchen are also local. Even the coffee comes from a nearby town.

In addition, Six Senses has their own sustainability farm where they grow various vegetables such as tomatoes, beets, cabbage and more. Opposite their vegetable plantation there is a chicken farm where there is approx. 30 chickens running around. They do not eat the chickens, but use their eggs in their kitchen. It was pretty amazing to see and hear how much Six Senses Uluwatu is doing, to be environmentally conscious and support their local area.

Six Senses are known for having an impressive spa and wellness program.

Their spa is located in a small oasis with small houses as treatment rooms. I had the pleasure of a “Signature Holistic Massage” which consisted of an hour massage that was personalized to my body’s needs. The massage therapist used ”a singing bowl” meditation technique at the beginning and the end of the treatment which I had never tried before. I felt a healing effect and calm in the body as she applied this technique.

The hotel has an activity-schedule with yoga, meditation and Pilates on the program. I tried a meditation class which I was quite intrigued by. Here I learned “singing bowl meditation” which is to meditate on the vibrations from the bowl after you have started a sound. After 20 min. having meditated with a bowl, following the guidance of the Zen comfortable instructor, I felt completely calm and conscious about myself. Clearly the best way to start the day and something I will try to practice again.

If you want to be physically active in the form of weights and treadmills, Six Senses offers a fitness center where they have enough machines to do varied workouts. I went there twice for a little stomach and arm workout.

The hotel offers two restaurants Rocka and Crudo, both with sea views and interiors are wooden furniture and colorful pillows. Rocka is an Asian restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their breakfast consists of a buffet where you can also choose a la carte dishes from a menu. The buffet has everything from fresh juices, Matcha brioche, flaxseed bread, noodle dishes, muffin assortment etc.

There is definitely something for everyone’s taste.

For breakfast and dinner, Rocka serves Asian dishes such as chicken papaya salad, curry fish and meat dishes which were my favorites. 

Crudo is a Japanese-Peruvian restaurant that serves most fish dishes.

The hotel accommodates everyone’s taste, but if you want to experience something more local, then head to Uluwatu town which is a main street with nice cafes and shops.

Uluwatu does not have a significant market, but just like in Seminyak they have a main street with lots of food places and shops.

If you are looking for a local Balinese market, then go to Ubud. There I spent one day exploring everything I could and their market was quite inspiring and lovely. Here you will find all baskets, clothes, dream catchers, sandals and incense sticks you could dream of.


Uluwatu has a temple worth a visit. The temple is on a cliff so you have great views from there. The temple is quite touristy, so go there early morning if you want to avoid too many people. However, you need to be careful about what you wear because there are a lot of monkeys living inside the temple. The monkeys walk around among people and love everything that’s flashy as well as glasses, cell phones and hats. I saw two people who got taken their glasses by the monkeys. It is an experience to see the monkeys but just be careful.

XX and Safe Travels

Julie Pallesen

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