Forbes Under 30

I got so excited when I received an email in January this year from Forbes that they have noticed my travel company, This Way. In the email they invited me to a Forbes Under 30 Summit in March 2019 taking place in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Forbes is an American business magazine founded in 1917. They focus on business in different industries; sport, finance, art, technology etc. and makes lists every year in each category for most influential and powerful people. They emphasise on people who have made a change in the world and/or created something extraordinary.
Forbes Under 30 is a category they have created to acknowledge young entrepreneurs.
I was so honoured to be a part of the summit in Israel and to it was beyond amazing to be surrounded by 400 other entrepreneurs from all over the world.
I am joggling between my modeling work and my travel brand. My travel brand is really my baby that I put a lot of energy and work into. I have meetings every day either on the phone or in person. Meetings are with either manufacturers, possible retailers, logistics, partners, lawyers, accountants, networking etc.

The 4 days summit in Israel was inspiring to be on a lot of aspects. I met a lot of creative people with different businesses who were in different steps in their journey. It was amazing to speak with other entrepreneurs who have faced some of the same challenges as myself or have skipped those but then facing other challenges. Each person had a clear vision of where their business was going and what the next step is.

I met people who have now become friends, people who I am currently working on collaborations with, and people who were able to give advice.

I am proud to be a part of this and for the journey This Way is going through. And thank you to you for following my journey. It means the world to me.

Thank you for this opportunity.


Julie Pallesen

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