All denimed up in Tel Aviv

I am back in Tel Aviv where I will be based for the next two months. I enjoy the life here and my boyfriend is here so I am super happy to be spending more time with him and not having a long distance relationship.
Also, the weather is slightly better than in more places in Europe (yes, I am forever a summer girl).
I work as a model here and then I work on my travel brand, This Way from here. I have a lot of meetings over the phone so I can basically take them anywhere. And then a lot of the work are emails and research which I can also do remotely.

Here I am in a full denim outfit. I just love denim and love how you can mix and match denim.


Diesel denim jacket, Just Female denim pants, DayEt bag, and Diesel sneakers.

Big love and safe travels
Julie Pallesen

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