Meet Chili

Hi guys! I have some big news to share. As you can see on my pictures here and you might already have seen it on my instagram, I got a puppy!
My boyfriend and I adopted a dog together. This little guy was found on the street in Israel. He was 2 months old and we decided that we wanted to give him a home.
He is a mix race so we do not really know how big he will be. Let’s see.

At the moment, he is at home and cannot go out because he needs all his vaccinations. He only got 1 and on Friday he is going for his 2nd vaccination.
He is destroying our home but we are slowly teaching him not to break and eat everything.
Shoes and socks are his favourites though! He bits them to pieces…. !!!

However he has been good and learned fast to pee and poo on pads so at least we do not have his dirty smell all over the apartment.

His name is Chili and I am in Loe with this little guy.
It is my first dog ever and I have been wanting one for soooo long. When I grew up I begged my mom for a dog but she was allergic and so was my brother so the discussion ended very fast.
Now a dream has come true.

“But you travel all the time, how can you have a dog?” – that is the question I get a lot and also what you might think.
I try to stay more in one place and when I travel for longer time I will take him with me and make him feel good.
I believe that if you are not stressed about it and give him love he can come with you everywhere.
Or maybe ask me in a year, and things will have changed.

But last week I was in New York for work and he stayed with my boyfriend home which was fine. But I missed him a lot! It is a different kind of love you have to a dog than anything else I have tried.
He is a little companion and gives so much love.

If you have any tips for puppies, feel free to write a comment or email me.

With lots of Love
xx Julie Pallesen & Chili

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