Ruifier look

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From a beach shoot in Tel Aviv wearing two necklaces from Ruifier.  I love the simple jewelleries that you can wear with everything – day and night. Big love and safe travels from Tel AvivxxJulie Pallesen

The big YES to love! 

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This post is not related to travels like all my other posts. But I think love deserves one post, just because I am full of ecstatic powerful love…. I usually don’t go into details about my private life but this one more

Sunday’s in Fransa Fashion

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  What is it about Sunday’s ? What is this special feeling in our heads that screams “IT IS SUNDAY” ?! Do you know this feeling ? Do you also have the same ? I enjoy every day of the week, also Sundays. more

New era for This Way

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Hi Guys, Like I have written before (post here) about my new adventures coming up. I am so excited to announce that I have signed with Premier Management in London, who is my agent in the UK for collaborations and partnerships more

How I will raise money for Gadens Born

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I am SO happy and proud to announce that I am working on a charity project with the Danish fashion brand, Just Female in orde to raise money for Gadens Born. First of all, I love the design and vision of more

About me – Keep Smiling

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    I have updated my about page and wanted to share some of it. So if case you are new to my blog or is a little bit curious of who I am, here is my story. My blog is founded more

Time for new beginnings – bye for now

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So… I have made a difficult decision. A decision I have thought about for a long time, which is, leaving this platform that my blog is on, SocietyB. I think the Society B network is super cool and the other more

Master Degree Freedom

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I graduated the 4th of July from Copenhagen Business School and am now officially smart on paper with my Master Degree. The five years in university have flown by and now I do not have to attend any more classes more