Nylon Español flower story

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I am so excited to show you all my new editorial cover story for Nylon Español. This was shot in New York in September 2019 with an amazing team: Photographer: Matthew Schaeffer Production + Art Direction: GRP worldgroup  Fashion Stylist: Davis Carrasquillo NYC ...read more

Mara Hoffman Swim 2020 Campaign

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I am so proud to show you another campaign I did. In August 2019 we shot Mara Hoffman’s Swim 2020 campaign. The location was one hour from New York City on a beach close to Brooklyn.  Mara Hoffman is a unique ...read more

Boozt sports campaign spring 2020

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Spot me as the model for the Boozt.com sports campaign for spring 2020. I am so excited to share this as I love sports and can finally use my skills on a photoshoot. The campaign was photographed in Copenhagen ...read more

New editorial from Tel Aviv

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I had the pleasure of shooting with a lovely team in Yafo in Tel Aviv this month. We shot pictures in a cool apartment in the old town Yafo in Tel Aviv. The style was old school but stylish. Photographer: ...read more

In love with Paris

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I shot these pictures in a hot summer day in Paris with the amazing photographer Julia Romart. We shot next to the Seine and she told me to act myself and then this picture came out (above). This really shows ...read more

Summer in Paris

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From a sunny summer day in Paris at The Bristol Hotel with Deck Collective wearing my ultimate leopard beach outfit from Ciao Lucia. Photographed by the talented and most amazing person, Hannah Faith Lord When in Paris at The Bristol Xx ...read more

Albertine Lingerie Campaign

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I shot the lingerie campaign of the beautiful brand, Albertine in South of France in September 208 ad the pictures came out this spring. Here is selection of some of my favorite pictures. I hope you like them. Photographer: Rupert ...read more

Cowboy editorial in Greece

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I have just been working 3 weeks in Greece as a model. I did different campaigns and editorials. One of my editorials was shoot 30 min. outside of Athens and I got dresses as a cowboy and I looooooved it! ...read more

Tel Aviv Beach Shoot

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I had the pleasure of shooting in Tel Aviv with an amazing team. We started at 6AM which was way too early for me but that is a very normal call time for models. You might not know it or ...read more