Saltsjobad with Ford

· Tech · Well Being
Ystad Saltsjobad is a perfect spa getaway. I am dreaming myself back to this place - a true combination of spa, nature, yoga, meditation, pool, gym, relaxation in idyllic environment. Driving in my Ford Focus from Copenhagen to Ystad takes only more

Driving Skills with Ford

· Tech
I love to drive, fast, safe and adventurous - whatever that is! I did that in my Ford Focus car and now you have the chance too. Ford are hosting a "Driving Skills for Life", where they invite you to come more

My Idol – create your avatar

· Tech
// Me as a pole dancing avatar You have to try this. This is hilarious. I have just tried the app called, MyIdol. The app is a Chinese but I will guide you through it so you can create your own more