What to do at home during corona virus

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We are going through the most insane and unpredictable times of our lives! Everything now is about Corona Virus and how we can survive this World Wide pandemic. Thousands of people have already died and the only thing the countries ...read more

Meet Chili

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Hi guys! I have some big news to share. As you can see on my pictures here and you might already have seen it on my instagram, I got a puppy! My boyfriend and I adopted a dog together. This ...read more

Sunset in Koh Mook

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I had the Koh Mook is a tiny little island that you really have to zoom in on the map in order to find it. It is located in Andaman sea and is close to southern mainland part of Thailand. ...read more

Forbes Under 30

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I got so excited when I received an email in January this year from Forbes that they have noticed my travel company, This Way. In the email they invited me to a Forbes Under 30 Summit in March 2019 taking ...read more

Pretty Me Swimwear

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I love swimwear and as you might have noticed with all my travels that I have a lot of different swimwear. One of my favorite bikinis this season is from Pretty Me Swimwear. I love the model, the color, and ...read more