Beauty Bear in Sri Lanka

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I am currently in Sri Lanka and in my luggage I always have some random essentials with me. Besides my books, candles, and big skin care products I also travel with Beauty Bear vitamins. I have been taking these vitamins more

Hotel Vejlefjord Spa get-away

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If you are looking for a beautiful spa get-away in the nature, Hotel Vejlefjord Spa in Denmark is the perfect spot. Hotel Vejlefjord Spa is located in Vejle in Denmark and has recently been renovated. The hotel is surrounded by beech forests more

15 days cleanse

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I have just done a 15 days cleanse to clean my system inside out, which I will recommend everyone to do once a year. The 15 Day Cleanse from VITAVIVA helps rid the intestinal tract of excess waste, reduces bloating, and more

Roots Juicery London

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I went to visit the cute health-cafe, Roots Juicery in Fitzrovia in London. Roots Juicery is founded by the lovely woman, Chantal, which I also had the pleasure of meeting. She explained to me about her concept and about how more

11 Beauty Tips

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I love beauty products and I spend a lot of time in my bathroom to creme up, cleanse, mask up and more. I care how my bathroom looks and how my products are lined up and look pretty on the more

Juice cleanse with Joe and his juice

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Have you ever considered a juice cleanse? - Well I have, and finally after a long time thinking about it I decided to take action. This January after a month a christmas food and a long enjoyable vacation with everything more

Acai kick-off-the-day smoothie

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I do not have a lot of time in the morning to prepare a breakfast, and I prefer 30 min. longer in bed than waking up early to make myself a breakfast. Therefore I have made this ease-peasy smoothie, which more