Juice cleanse with Joe and his juice

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Have you ever considered a juice cleanse? - Well I have, and finally after a long time thinking about it I decided to take action. This January after a month a christmas food and a long enjoyable vacation with everything ...read more

Acai kick-off-the-day smoothie

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I do not have a lot of time in the morning to prepare a breakfast, and I prefer 30 min. longer in bed than waking up early to make myself a breakfast. Therefore I have made this ease-peasy smoothie, which ...read more

Acai Acai Bars

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Do not think that I will only post pictures of food now. That is not the case. However I will post pictures and recipes of some easy healthy snacks that I love. Like the Matcha Pancakes (here) and now these ...read more

Matcha Pancakes

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The newest health hype is "Matcha" and then you might question, like myself, what matcha really is besides being green and smelling quite heavy of green tea. I have done some research regarding this products and come to the conclusion ...read more

Bootcamp with Simplyfit

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Cecilie from Simply Fit is both personal trainer, health focused, and my friend. She has created a workout for the next nine weeks (for November and December) so I can get even fitter and more in shape before entering ...read more

Fight Cancer

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In the world of cancer and the constant battle to fight cancer, the fashion brand, InWear has together with Boozt.com raised this worldwide challenge and created a t-shirt to support the fight against breast cancer.  The t-shirt can be bought ...read more

Saltsjobad with Ford

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Ystad Saltsjobad is a perfect spa getaway. I am dreaming myself back to this place - a true combination of spa, nature, yoga, meditation, pool, gym, relaxation in idyllic environment. Driving in my Ford Focus from Copenhagen to Ystad takes only ...read more

kickstart your day

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Have you got all the vitamins that you need? I am now taking these multivitamins from VitaViva so I now I get all my vitamins that my body needs. I am always on the go or do not have time to ...read more