Fulltime modeling and blogging

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Since i graduated this summer from Copenhagen Business School I have been fulltime modeling and blogging. It is a great combination of the two because I use my modeling to travel and work and then I take the blogging with ...read more

Welcome Society B

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[vidcore vid=”7P4dMSfS”] I am proud to announce that I am a part of a new cool Danish blogger network, called Society-B.  I have always been against being a part of a blogger network because I did not want to be associated with ...read more


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Today is a BIG day and I mean ‘big’ as in “this is a day that I will always remember”. I have been struggling with my master thesis since end of January while working on my blog and modeling. I ...read more

Dreaming away

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  While sitting home and writing my 72-hour exam in my master program I cannot control my mind. I aim to be focused and not doing anything else than my exam but I cannot help that my mind is drifting away ...read more

Bye Miami

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// Missoni bikini and Adidas Stella Sport jacket Getting my last Miami tan before heading to the airport for next stop to Copenhagen    Time to leave vacation and be a working fashion girl at Copenhagen Fashion Week Bring it on Copenhagen   xx