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Caribbean jewellery style with Jane Kønig

Fashion Stripes


It is all about the stripes…
I really love stripes as I think it gives a cute look and it can look cool if you mix it with some denim og leather. Then the outfit becomes less “little girl” and more edgy and cool.
I am wearing a striped blouse from Tommy Hilfiger together with denim jeans from Asos, and with Chanel sneakers.

Below are some of my next striped items, which is on my wishlist:



3b9974f5-f622-4e01-a702-7cc4c4f4f500 757976e4-1731-4ca1-8dff-9d34afb28c66

Keep smiling.. and now in stripes..



Julie Pallesen


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Caribbean jewellery style with Jane Kønig