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St. Barth Bucket Regatta 2017

A suitcase to sunny paradise

As in right now, I am looking for inspiration for what to pack in my suitcase for my Ester holiday coming up. On Friday I am heading to Miami and then to my favourite paradise island, St. Barth. I am super excited to travel with my boyfriend and a group of friends for one week of fun and chill in exotic settings.
I have decided to pack colourful items and with a lot of fun clothes. The online site Mytheresa.com has helped me a lot to get inspiration for my outfits.
Some of my favourite summer outfit designers are:
Zimmerman, Missoni Mare, Heidi Klein, and Lisa Marie Fernandez.

Below are some different caribbean inspired outfits (click on the image to enter the shop):



Me in Miami billede4_


Me in the Caribbean billede1

1da3168e-034b-4de3-b0c7-147c182dbf46 billede3

1ddc8d75-b71b-4b0d-b9e6-41639f46cac9 billede2



Getting ready for paradise!



Julie Pallesen



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St. Barth Bucket Regatta 2017