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New era for This Way


Hi Guys,

Like I have written before (post here) about my new adventures coming up. I am so excited to announce that I have signed with Premier Management in London, who is my agent in the UK for collaborations and partnerships with my blog.
At the end of May, I will go solo again, and go back to my own platform with no advertisements annoying your sights and experience. I really think it is bothering the whole image of my blog when advertisements are taking too much of the space. And I cannot choose which advertisements you get exposed to, which results to having a lot of terrible brands advertising on my blog, which are not aligned with my brand and who I am.

SO get ready for another improved THIS WAY by Julie Pallesen platform with new features and improved design. I cannot wait to show you my new site, which will be clean, beautiful, and cool.

I hope you will continue follow me, and hopefully you will enjoy entering my blog even more, now when the site is without banners, advertisements, and other disturbing elements.

However, I am sad to resign from the Society B network, which means that you will have to remember going into my blog too 🙂





Big love and big smile



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