Cowboy editorial in Greece

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I have just been working 3 weeks in Greece as a model. I did different campaigns and editorials. One of my editorials was shoot 30 min. outside of Athens and I got dresses as a cowboy and I looooooved it! more

Beauty Bear Vitamins Essentials

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I have been taking Beauty Bear vitamin gummies for a very long time now. I really love them and can see great results. Beauty Bear is a Danish company doing tasty vitamins focusing on hair, skin, nails, and tan. more

Visiting Almyra Hotel in Cyprus

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  I went to Cyprus for the first time ever and it is for sure not the last time. If you want a sunny getaway in Europe and want to be sure about sunny weather, then Cyprus is a perfect choice. more

Summer is coming!

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Sunscreens essentials from AwayThisWay who makes natural ingredients sunscreens in travel size. Shop here. Get ready for summer ! xx and Safe TravelsJulie Pallesen

Tel Aviv Beach Shoot

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I had the pleasure of shooting in Tel Aviv with an amazing team. We started at 6AM which was way too early for me but that is a very normal call time for models. You might not know it or more

Collagem beauty booster

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It is not new that collagen is vital for your skin to stay young?! But the question is how to get it inside your body as an inside-out sushi make roll? Collagem has created an easy way for you to more

My Green Brands organic skincare

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Have you ever tried organic skincare products? Years ago my answer to this question would be a big fat “NO thanks”. I thought that organic skincare could not give your skin any benefits besides water. But after years of trying more

Ruifier look

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From a beach shoot in Tel Aviv wearing two necklaces from Ruifier.  I love the simple jewelleries that you can wear with everything – day and night. Big love and safe travels from Tel AvivxxJulie Pallesen

Designers Remix love

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The Danish fashion brand, Designers Remix makes a lot of beautiful pieces. Each collection is a dream for me to see. I love their feminine style which has a lot of statement. Here are some of my favorite pieces for more