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Skinny vs. FIT


In this blog post, I want to talk about the dilemma between being skinny and being fit. So here is my story…
There is no doubt about that I like to workout, A LOT. I have always enjoyed training. I am a very energetic person and I do not know if there is be a connection between hyper-energetic people and working out a lot. To me, working out is my mental therapy – I get all bad energy out, I just let everything go, I disconnect from my phone, and I feel stronger afterward.
Since I was a little girl I have been active. I started dancing since I was 3 years old and I danced professionally from the age of 15-18 years old. Besides dancing I was playing basket and athletics (I have always loved sprints). From the age of 18, which was at the time where I was in living in Paris and working as a model, I found out that if I did not work out, I would loose weight. When you train, you build muscles and therefore you will gain weight and some parts of your body will increase in size. During my time in Paris and the following year, it was hard for me to choose to get bigger and muscular over being skinny. That was only because I just wanted to be skinny and look like what I thought was a “model”. So for two years, I did not workout so much because I cared more about being skinny. And to be honest, I did not feel good about myself, because I did not get out with my energy, I did not feel strong, and I did not feel good. The result was that I lost some muscles but I also lost my glow, shine, and energy.
What then happened? – I decided that this was not the lifestyle I wanted to be living. I started at university at Copenhagen Business School to stimulate my brain with books and theories. And I started working out again but differently than before – now I explored sports genres. I tried Bikram yoga (yoga in 41 Celcius degrees), kickboxing, running, training weights etc. I was curious to try different workouts in order to figure out what was me, and not what everyone else did.
I got addicted to sports but in a healthy way. I was training 3-4 times a week, and I still do that. Of course some weeks lees than others but in average 3-4 times. After my first year of working out frequently, then I could see how my body changes. I got toned and had built some muscles, which I really like. I think it is sexy for a woman to be strong, not masculine, but strong. I can punch a guy in the face if I need to 😉
I got my glow back, and the energy back, which I think is the most dominant reason for people that I work with to enjoy working with me.
I have chosen the life to be healthy and FIT. I do not want to be skinny without glow and without muscles. I know some of you reading this post look at me and think “Julie, I think you ARE skinny?”- and my answer to you is: “I am healthy, I eat a normal amount of portions of food, but I work hard in the gym to look like I do”.
I live of my looks both with my blog and modeling and I think that living a healthy lifestyle including a lot of sport is beneficial and the way to go if you want to look fabulous forever. Do not focus on being skinny, if you focus on being fit, the rest will come.



Be fit forget skinny…



Julie Pallesen



  • Line

    Selvom jeg klart følger det gode budskab i at fokusere på sundheden og at være “fit” fremfor slank og at gøre det for energien og det mentale såvel som det fysiske i det, synes jeg også, det er en farlig påstand du kommer med og som giver et meget skævt kropsbillede. Jeg har al respekt og forståelse for, at du ikke er kommet sovende til dit udseende og din krop, og at det er noget, du arbejder hårdt for – forhåbentligt netop samtidig med, at du nyder det. “Do not focus on being skinny, if you focus on being fit, the rest will come.” skriver du dog. Som om at det med 3-4 gange ugentligt træning er garanteret så utrolig slank, tonet og bogstaveligt talt modelkrop som dig. Implicit ligger, at det kan opnås med disciplin, selvom jeg er klar over, at det næppe er din intention. Der er mange, der kan træne som dig eller enddog langt mere og aldrig “opnå” noget,der minder om din krop. Det ville jeg bare lige påpege, selvom budskabet stadig er fint 🙂

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    • This Way

      Hej Line,
      Tak for kommentar. Og jeg er helt med på, at fordi man træner som jeg gør, så ligner man mig. Der er mange flere aspekter der skal inkluderes som genetik, mad, livsstil mm.
      Dét jeg gerne vil sætte fokus på er, filosofien omkring at man skal ikke fokusere på bare at være “skinny”, det er en usund tankegang at have og man skal derfor fokusere på at træne og være sund. Men jeg er enig med dig og tak for din kommentar.


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