Benefits of boxing

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  Why is boxing so popular and has been for the past couple of years?! – If you ask yourself this question then my answer would be that it is because you have not tried it right an appropriate teacher for more

Barcelona city guide 2017

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I love Barcelona and come here every year for modeling work. Furthermore, I am also in the process of developing my own products where one of my manufacturers are near to Barcelona. So I plan to stay much more in more

Skinny vs. FIT

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In this blog post, I want to talk about the dilemma between being skinny and being fit. So here is my story… There is no doubt about that I like to workout, A LOT. I have always enjoyed training. I am more

bikini ready in Puma

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This morning I went boxing with a new trainer at the cool gym BXR in London. He is training a lot of models and is a true boxing champion himself. I did a 15 minutes warm-up on the cross-trainer before more

Postcard from NYC

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I went for a spontaneous trip to New York with my boyfriend. We are here (again) to look for apartments. It is so difficult to find the right apartment! You want to enter the apartment and be like “wow…. this more

Fight me

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I practise a lot of different sport and I love to challenge my body in different ways. I do not like routines for my body, and neither in life. I started boxing because my boyfriend did it and for about more


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Friday Kickboxing I decided to kick off my Friday with a kickboxing class with the amazing Ashira at the fancy gym in Hellerup, Well-come. The gym has a separate boxing area with a pro boxing ring (just like in hardcore boxing more