The year of 2016

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The year of 2016 has been a very exciting year with accomplishments, progression, and entering the grown-up life. In the summer 2016 I graduated from Copenhagen Business School with a Master in communication, which was a milestone for me. I more

Burning Man 2016

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Finally I have managed to organise all my pictures from Burning Man festival 2016. This Burning Man Festival was my second Burning Man and I am completely hooked and I cannot wait for next year. This year was somehow different because I sort more

Happy feet

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My August is full of adventures and traveling. I have just come back from a paradise trip to French Polynesia which has been beyond anything I could ever imagine. Everyday I wanted to raise my arms up in the air more

LA vibes

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I am currently in Los Angeles having meetings, seeing friends, and enjoying the LA life. I have not been a lot in LA and does not really know my way around. However I have friends here who tells me all more

Travel plans

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I am planning my next travel plans for the next couple of months and I mean it looks amazing!!!! I will go to new exotic places and back to places I have been before so I can explore them even more

Travels during 2015

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The year of 2015 was adventurous and with lots of work around the world. I love traveling and find the greatest inspiration from my travels as well as learn a lot about myself. I have been in more than 50 more

Let’s 2016 begin

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Happy 2016 everybody! Let 2016 be full of positivity, excitement, success and adventurous. We create the path for our on life and setting goals can be a great method for progressing and gaining small successes in life. I believe getting inspired, more

Meet Cecilie From SimplyFit

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I want to introduce you to a new feature I will have on my blog which will be ?inspirational people?. I meet so many fascinating and inspirational people on my journey who are people I am stil in touch with, or even more