Back home in London

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After a weekend in Amsterdam followed by some days in Berlin for the Berlin Film Festival, Berlinale, with my friend, Julie Zangenberg. Now I am back home in London, where I have a lot of meetings, some modeling jobs, and more

Berlin Coffee Guide

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I have explored cool and funky Berlin’er style coffee shops during my days here in Berlin. I have asked some of my friends who lives here about where they go for the best coffee, or more specifically an espresso. I really more

NYC Coffee spots

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I have been exploring New York 3 times this year for fashion week and modeling purposes. Furthermore I have had time to explore the coffee market in the big city. You know how addicted I am to coffee and enjoy more

My food Cravings

Let’s make it clear.. Yes I am a model, yes I am skinny, yes I promot myself on social medias like my blog and Instagram but that does not mean I do not occasionally eat unhealthy and have cravings. I more

Tokyo Food Guide

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  Traveling to Tokyo for my first time has been above ALL expectations. The city is not as hectic as presumed and the Japanese people are the sweetest, kindest, and very helpfull people. Coming with a Western background and looking nothing like more

Matcha Pancakes

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The newest health hype is "Matcha" and then you might question, like myself, what matcha really is besides being green and smelling quite heavy of green tea. I have done some research regarding this products and come to the conclusion more

Meet Cecilie From SimplyFit

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I want to introduce you to a new feature I will have on my blog which will be ?inspirational people?. I meet so many fascinating and inspirational people on my journey who are people I am stil in touch with, or even more