Dreamy Tropical Destinations

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I AM FLYING… Literally. These pictures are from my trip to French Polynesia in August, which was absolutely a paradise vacation. And soon I will be back in another kind of paradise… Let’s put it like this, I say to all my ...read more

The year of 2016

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The year of 2016 has been a very exciting year with accomplishments, progression, and entering the grown-up life. In the summer 2016 I graduated from Copenhagen Business School with a Master in communication, which was a milestone for me. I ...read more

French Polynesia dreaming

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French Polynesia is one of the most underestimated places I have been. I decided to do an active take on this trip and did some sort of sports activities everyday; from yoga, to scuba diving to wake surfing. Especially wake ...read more

Train like me with SimplyFit

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  I am currently on my forth training program made by my lovely trainer Cecilie aka Simplyfit. I am on a long journey around the world where I cannot commit to a particular gym class therefore a workout program is perfect ...read more

Palms and Beaches

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Paradise island in French Polynesia looks like this.. Palms, beach, corals, and baby sharks…. Working on my tan with my Asos top and Hvisk gold chain earrings. xx from paradise

French Polynesia Beach be like…

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I have spent 12 days in French Polynesia with very poor internet connection, which has been great for my mind but annoying for my control-freakiness I have. Therefore I have not been able to post anything about this amazing island ...read more