New York Outfits

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New York is hot and humid but that does not mean that I cannot wear sparkling outfits. I love the cool and casual look and with not too much make-up. My Fashion Week outfits consists of colours, sneaks, and a more

White on White

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My white on white summer outfit from LalaBerlin with flower power printed sandals from Gucci and jewellery from Hvisk. I was wearing this outfit for an event in London where I did not get the memo of the dresscode and I had more

Marrakech City Guide

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My cultural and luxurious vacation to Marrakech has provided me with tips about where to go and explore in Marrakech. So if you have ever considered traveling to Marrakech or are just curious to find out, what you can expect more

Royal Mansour Marrakech

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If you come to Marrakech and want a fabulous night out, the Royal Mansour Hotel is definitely worth a visit. The owners of the Royal Mansour Marrakech wanted to celebrate architecture, ancestral knowledge and culinary arts as well as an innate more

Arrived in Marrakech

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My next adventure is to exotic Morocco, Marrakech. I have planned this trip since December and I have been looking forward to five days of cultural - and moroccan food stimulation. I have some friends who are from Morocco who more

Weekend mood

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It is Friday and yet another week has passed which the weekend will celebrate. I have been busy studying with my master thesis as well as modeling in London. I try to keep my focus but I am a true more

Kopenhagen Fur Imagine Talent Fashion Show

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Last week during Copenhagen Fashion Week I went to the KopenhagenFur Imagine Talent fashion show. This show was the first show of Copenhagen Fashion Week which started at Nimb restaurant where Kopenhagenfur had invited for an intimate reception. Afterwards we more

Edition Hotel Miami south Beach

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  I was celebrating New Years in Miami, which was a lot of fun with a lot of parties, funky people and amazing outfits. Here I am at the Edition Hotel, which has a cool and jungle funky decoration. Wearing: Shirt from more

Gucci Love

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I have up until this moment not been the biggest fan of Gucci but seeing the spring/summer 2016 collection I have changed my mind. The new designer, Alessandro Michele has done an incredible creative work with this collection. I more