Barcelona city guide 2017

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I love Barcelona and come here every year for modeling work. Furthermore, I am also in the process of developing my own products where one of my manufacturers are near to Barcelona. So I plan to stay much more in more

Where to Sweat in NYC

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I have discovered several workout places in New York City because I wanted to be inspired by the way New York studios creativity and amazing teachers. I work out approximately 4 times a week and I like to sweat and more

Miami Guide 2016

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Let’s talk about Miami. I will try and guide you through this cool city that has a lot to offer. Miami is a cool, sexy, and humid… Miami is huge and can be funky and creative but it offers different areas with more

Workout day 3 with simply fit

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Finally my day 3, which is my final day of workout during the week, is here and ready for you 🙂 My trainer, Cecilie, who made the workout states: “Day three focuses mainly on strength training. Building strength and shaping the more

Train like me with SimplyFit

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  I am currently on my forth training program made by my lovely trainer Cecilie aka Simplyfit. I am on a long journey around the world where I cannot commit to a particular gym class therefore a workout program is perfect more

Back to the gym

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I have had a two weeks break from working out, which is a long break for me. I cannot remember the last time there have past two weeks between my workouts but I think my body needed a break. Actually more

Workout day 3

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It is time for the 3 day workout. How are the two other workouts going (DAY 1 & DAY 2) I am still having a hard time with some of the exercises but my trainer, Cecilie Blaksted / Simplyfit who more

Stability Ball workout

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This is me and a stability ball at the FIT gym at the W Hotel. I have forced myself to do my workout today as I did not find the motivation. Therefore I like to follow a workout program so more

FIT gym

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I have just finished my cardio workout at the FIT Gym at W Hotel Barcelona. My workout made by my lovely personal trainer, Cecilie Blaksted, which is a cardio workout program consisting of two days with running and strengthening exercises more