Ibiza 2018

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I have had the pleasure of exploring the hippie party island, Ibiza this year. I have have been here every year the past 9 years and I am obsessed with the relaxed sexy vibe of this place. I think is has ...read more

Ibiza holiday

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Last week I was celebrating my birthday in Ibiza with my boyfriend and with a group of friends. We had the most amazing time sailing around Ibiza and to the magical island, Formentera. We were in Spanish luxury paradise for 5 ...read more

Bikini’s for under 20€

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Finding a new bikini can be quite hard, and especially because that there are so many different brands to choose between and different price categories. I love to have several bikinis with me on a holiday because sometimes my bikini ...read more

What is your summer plans?

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One of the most exciting things about summer is traveling. Summer holiday is like a big thing that everybody looks forward to. I usually spend my summers in Europe where most of the cities transforms into exciting bikini hot spots. Italy, France, ...read more

Ibiza City Guide for Chri Chri

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I have done a city guide to Ibiza, a hippie-chic-boho-music island in the Danish Magazine, ChriChri.  I have been to Ibiza the past 7 summers and I enjoy it very much. I love the combination of good fresh food, the beaches, ...read more

The year of 2016

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The year of 2016 has been a very exciting year with accomplishments, progression, and entering the grown-up life. In the summer 2016 I graduated from Copenhagen Business School with a Master in communication, which was a milestone for me. I ...read more

Ibiza clubbing

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It is hard to stay in Ibiza without engaging in any of the many fantastic parties hosted on the island. I love dancing and music is what makes me dance. I enjoy electronic and soft house music and then I ...read more

Ibiza Sailing life

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I am sailing around in Ibiza and enjoying the boat life with a group of friends. We are enjoying watersports, waterslides, electronic music, and good drinks on this beautiful yacht. I have no complains only happiness and absolute gratefulness these ...read more


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I am in wonderful Ibiza – the bohemian party island. I love coming to Ibiza and I have been traveling here every year the past seven years. The atmosphere on this island is magical and positive, which is very inspiring ...read more