About me – Keep Smiling

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    I have updated my about page and wanted to share some of it. So if case you are new to my blog or is a little bit curious of who I am, here is my story. My blog is founded ...read more

Back in the big city

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So, I am finally back in the city. I have got my working visa and I am super excited to be here for work reasons. I am here with a completely new and fresh mindset, which means that you see ...read more

Meet Cecilie From SimplyFit

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I want to introduce you to a new feature I will have on my blog which will be ?inspirational people?. I meet so many fascinating and inspirational people on my journey who are people I am stil in touch with, or even ...read more

Interview about This Way

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During Copenhagen Fashion Week I was interviewed by Inma, the chief product officer of Pread.ly. Pread.ly is a worldwide blogger network which I became a part of in January 2015. Inma interviewed me with questions relating to my blog and ...read more

London Base

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Wearing: Saint Laurent jacket, Custommade shirt, FiveUnits jeans, Chanel bag, and Reebok from Colette Sneakers. "Follow your dream and go for whatever makes you happy" - this has been my life guide sentence for a while. But it is much harder ...read more