Magic Stripes – Wonder Mask

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I am completely honest and I would never suggest something on my blog if I did not mean it (just so you know). But I have now tried the Hyaluronic Intensive Treatment Mask from Magic Stripes several times, and I more

Christmas give-aways

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Christmas is coming up and I am all about the cosyness attached to Christmas with decorations, food, and presents. In Denmark we have a tradition called “advents” that every Sunday you light one of the four candles in the beautiful more

11 Beauty Tips

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I love beauty products and I spend a lot of time in my bathroom to creme up, cleanse, mask up and more. I care how my bathroom looks and how my products are lined up and look pretty on the more

Magic Stripes

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I have just tried this intensive treatment mask by Magic Stripes. This mask provides powerful moisturizing biological Hydrogel Mask with Hyaluronic Acid consists of highly concentrated high quality essences. The mask has superior effects on skin nutrition supply. It moisturizes and more