Tromborg Universe

· Beauty Essentials
One of my absolute favourite beauty brands is the Danish brand, Tromborg. Tromborg is a family-owned business and they have their headquarter in Copenhagen, Denmark. The vision behind Tromborg is, that they are natural and organic. Marianne Tromborg – who founded more

London Vibes

· World Traveller
I am back from a amazing vacation in Miami and the Caribbean. The next weeks will consist of a lot of modeling work and continue my work on my upcoming travel products… Outfit; Eraova fur, Diesel jeans, and hat from cosybyJZ. more

#Livemore with Biotherm

· Beauty Essentials · World Traveller
I was privileged to be invited by the French skincare brand, Biotherm to Paris to attend the launch of their newest campaign, 'Live More'. Biotherm's vision is to focus more on health and lifestyle and have made therefor made the supermodel and more

Israeli vibe

· World Traveller
Tel Aviv is a funky city full of markets and today I went to the one called, Nachlat Binyamin, which is every Tuesday and Fridays. Another market street is Sheinken, which is another must to see and explore creative homemade more