I am a TommyxGiGi girl in Paris

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I am back in the romantic capital of the world, Paris. I will be here for at least two weeks for modeling work. I am signed with Karin Models, which is a new agency for me. I am so excited ...read more

The Modeling world

· Model Stuff
I will explain to you a bit about how the modeling industry works so you can get an understanding of this very hyped industry, which a lot of girls dreams to be a part of (including myself). How it works: To work ...read more

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016

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The prestigious and hyped lingerie fashion show, Victoria’s Secret, is happening tomorrow on the 30th November 2016 in Paris. Victoria’s Secret do their annual fashion show in a new city every year. Two years ago I was a part of ...read more


· Working-girl
Today is a BIG day and I mean ‘big’ as in “this is a day that I will always remember”. I have been struggling with my master thesis since end of January while working on my blog and modeling. I ...read more

Meet Fitness influencer Amanda Bisk

· Inspirational people
The wonderful, powerful and athlete-yogi guru, Amanda Bisk (web site click here) is this week's inspirational person. I met the Australian power girl, Amanda Bisk in Paris during a Biotherm event, as she is brand ambassador for Biotherm. Here I had ...read more

#Livemore with Biotherm

· Beauty Essentials · World Traveller
I was privileged to be invited by the French skincare brand, Biotherm to Paris to attend the launch of their newest campaign, 'Live More'. Biotherm's vision is to focus more on health and lifestyle and have made therefor made the supermodel and ...read more