Soho Farmhouse

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If you are looking for a perfect get-away in Europe at this time of year, I have the solution. Soho Farmhouse is a 90 min. drive from central London, in Oxfordshire. Soho Farmhouse is an ideal place to go with more

23 Lunch spots in New York

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I enjoy going for a nice and long lunch. The week days where I have model castings I try to go before or after lunch so I can meet a friend for lunch. During my time in New York I more

NYC Coffee spots

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I have been exploring New York 3 times this year for fashion week and modeling purposes. Furthermore I have had time to explore the coffee market in the big city. You know how addicted I am to coffee and enjoy more

New York Outfits

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New York is hot and humid but that does not mean that I cannot wear sparkling outfits. I love the cool and casual look and with not too much make-up. My Fashion Week outfits consists of colours, sneaks, and a more

LA vibes

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I am currently in Los Angeles having meetings, seeing friends, and enjoying the LA life. I have not been a lot in LA and does not really know my way around. However I have friends here who tells me all more

Babington House

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This Way visits the country side   My boyfriend and I decided to take day off and go to the country side in England. We needed a getaway to spend some quality time together and got recommended the Babington House in Somerset. It more