Sunday’s in Fransa Fashion

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  What is it about Sunday’s ? What is this special feeling in our heads that screams “IT IS SUNDAY” ?! Do you know this feeling ? Do you also have the same ? I enjoy every day of the week, also Sundays. more

Sunday Beauty Routine

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Every Sunday I feel like recharging my body. I do not agree with people being all sad about Sundays, because then the weekend is almost over and you have to go back to real life the following day. No matter more

Sundays in Copenhagen

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  There is nothing better than spending cold winter Sunday walking around the lakes in Copenhagen with friends while catching up on all the gossip and news from your girlfriends.   Cover yourself and stay warm  xx  

Sunday Sweaters

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  Starting from November and for the following months will I be living in my sweaters. I made Sunday selection of different colors, fabric and prices of sweaters. [show_boutique_widget id="189410"]   xx Julie   Brrr.... It's cold in here   REMEMBER TO FOLLOW AND LIKE ON