How much I really workout

Sporty Spice
For the past three months I have written down all my workouts, which I intentionally did in order to keep track of them. I like to organise my training (like many other things in life) because I believe you will more

Workout day 3 with simply fit

Sporty Spice
Finally my day 3, which is my final day of workout during the week, is here and ready for you 馃檪 My trainer, Cecilie, who made the workout states: “Day three focuses mainly on strength training. Building strength and shaping the more

Workout program day 2 with Simplyfit

Sporty Spice
I work out everywhere I go. While being in New York I did two classes at Barry’s Bootcamp s well as my workout program by Cecilie Blaksted, blogger on SimplyFit. Here I am working out at the Standard Hotel in Meatpacking more

Train like me with SimplyFit

Sporty Spice
  I am currently on my forth training program made by my lovely trainer Cecilie aka Simplyfit. I am on a long journey around the world where I cannot commit to a particular gym class therefore a workout program is perfect more

Time to sweat

Sporty Spice
I am currently doing cardio workouts where I combine different strength exercises to boost my metabolism and pressure myself (always). I like to challenge my body with new exercises that I have not tried before because the body works harder more

Workout day 3

Sporty Spice
It is time for the 3 day workout. How are the two other workouts going (DAY 1 & DAY 2) I am still having a hard time with some of the exercises but my trainer, Cecilie Blaksted / Simplyfit who more

Fashion in sports clothing

Sporty Spice
  There is an increasing hype about fashionable sports clothes, and I am totally on it! Since I was a little girl I have been doing some kind of exercise. For many years when I was dancing, the clothing started to more

2016 Workout Day 2

Time to hit the gym again with the second workout routine. How was the first workout routine? - it's very tuff, I know. I was even at the gym when I was on vacation because there are no excuses. The routine more

Bootcamp with Simplyfit

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Cecilie from Simply Fit is both personal trainer, health focused, and my friend. She has created a workout for the next nine weeks (for November and December) so I can get even fitter and more in shape before entering more