23 Lunch spots in New York

With Tommy Hilfiger in St. Barth


While being in the Caribbean or other sunny destinations I like to dress colorful (which you might already have noticed). I am a huge fan of the American fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger, and especially in the past two years. I feel like Tommy Hilfiger has stepped up his game and made more young and cool collections. When I see his shows and collections I get happy and excited at the same time, because his collections give a warm and tropical vibe. I get a lot of fashion inspiration from his collections and his colors, stripes, and swimwear it tops if you ask me.

I have made a selection of some of my favorite items from Tommy Hilfiger for this summer. Which item is your favorite?




Me in short striped dress from Tommy Hilfigerd2dfd207-f9ab-4414-89fa-9f5f3e4ae323 3a76d147-f219-4f6b-8a9d-f544e3f9ca22 b0845c73-b3f2-4e2b-82e5-3350fccbdd06

Me in long Tommy Hilfiger dress in St. Barth

xx and colourful love

Julie Pallesen


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